HAPPY 2014


Resolution time! 
while Last year I didn’t really fulfilled ALL my resolution I think I did stick with the most essential one! while my frds and I have already kick started for the process of making wedding invite template! YAY! for the kickstart!!!! so this year my resolution is 

1. wedding invite templates etsy shop! 
2. maybe have my first self publish book via kickstarter.com to do the crowd funding 
3. make a new folio that bring me to the dream career, dream job, dream industry which I don’t know what is it yet! but making a folio wouldn’t hurt! 
4. be healthy , less clumsy ! 
5. continues to going to all the craft shows! we love craft shows! 
6. maybe win a lottery! haha! 

thanks for all your support during the year! and I will work even harder next year! YAY! 
I guess thats it ? 

what have I been doing?

In this one month, I have been really busy on finishing up my freelance, my long over due custom portraits for friends, new coming custom portraits, and do color pencil study! Last but not lease I also put all the stuff …literally ALL! in my portfolio : www.aggiecheung.com

it has been busy, meaningful, and I learn tons within this process. 
so the boring part ended here 
Picture time ! 










Yes thats not even all of them 🙂 but I am gonna stop now! 
If you are interested to get your portraits done 
you can go check out www.etsy.com/shop/thelittleredhouse

What I do in day time?

since I need to put some effort to prepare for renegade craft faire + freelance.
I think its nice to update a little bit about what I do in my day time.
So! in day time I am a 2D game artist in Storm 8! its a nice company that we are allowed to really explore the art style and in general being super artistic 🙂
I have been progressed a lot since I join because of that very open working environment, and because of the variety of the game genra they have ! I am allowed also to explore more than 1 art style. Yup it means not that much of Isometric stuff but more of flat stuff.
so there u all go 🙂 today would be bg that I did for Bubble Mania Valentines 🙂




Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.51.30 PM


Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.50.57 PM
I hope you enjoy that update 🙂
and its not too late to go to appstore and play BUBBLE MANIA!

Character exploring

I have done some character exploration over this weekend! Some if them r not related to the story but just out if boredom n changed the original character to someone else 🙂
E.g the exercising bunnies! N the dimming suit kid !
So far I m very happy with my progress! I think the book might not be made it on oct but its alright ! I m enjoying my time! I think the next week will be fully my freelance week 🙂
Hopefully I can show some of my works stuff from storm8 so u all get a glance on what I actually do from 10 to 6 pm day time:)






Floral drawing


Heat wave is pretty crazy in sf Bay Area over the weekend ! My ac is broken too ! I can’t use my computer because crazy over heating would happen with the giant monitor 😦 tho it’s actually good I get to do a little bit of drawing on paper which I didn’t do it for a long while! I m feeling very inspired now 🙂
Hope you all enjoy a great weekend !
Hooray for the gay pride too 🙂

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