No word of day today :P

No word of day today :P

But I feel like updating my blog with this WIP piece
Time to take a guess WHAT CITY IS IT GONNA BE? πŸ˜›
City Poster ON THE GO!

to be honest it turns out much much much tougher than I guess it would be, and it is almost like doing plain air painting with CS illustrator = Really need to control my self!
Working on those city poster really make me realize Less is more! its all about how you group ur color. However, it is easy to say than do, I think it will take me a lot longer than I thought to finish it! So now you all will get Daily progress update on this piece rather than the Word of the day thing!
I promise the result will be great! and yes pls guess which city is that !
I am on my way to choosing a font for this city already! πŸ™‚


I will be busy before our first show in this year at SF Japantown New People for cherry blossom festival!Β 
of course now I have been cutting paper, and having Printing party at home it is pretty crazy!Β 
Β other than printing party! I have been revising a lot of my older print for word of the day!Β 
Life is very busy, very tough!Β 

I really hope to see you all over this weekend if possible!Β 
I am getting very very nervous for this weekend~ I guess thats the time of the year πŸ˜›Β 
one more DIY project hat I would love love love to show!Β 


they are Masking tape cloth pin!Β 
nothing hard ! just buy the french wood cloth pin πŸ™‚ and then put your masking tape on it ! then cut the extra pieces!Β 

Then WALA! you are done!Β 
I will totally use it for my own display at New People Cherry Blossom event!Β 
On that day! if you LIKE my facebook page

and then screenshot the page πŸ™‚ you will automatically have 5 % off on all the prints that I have! You can do it either On site or screenshot in your phone to show me !Β 

before I finish all my revised piece and having my signing party at home I will do another update πŸ™‚ !Β 

Today’s word is Mechanic!

Today's word is Mechanic!

I always think that Grandfather Clock’s Mechanic is very attractive! While I always thought that well, what if the bird live inside there is real and would remind people whenever the Gnomes are coming out and STEAL!
Yup I believe there is Gnome in this world! seriously!

I also updated my shop!
If you like this print please go to

Today’s word is Sparkle

Today's word is Sparkle

but ya I took a twist ! they are drinking Sparkling Champagne ! and they got drunk
they are our dear majesty!
Also, the lady is snow white! 20 years after she marry the price, this is what happen!

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