SNEAK PEEK of what I am doing?

This pretty much a sketch I did today. Yesterday was my bday as well as the Little Red house official bday!.
It made me think about “What was I wanna be when I was 7?” the answer was “a fashionable girl” Ya It was THAT simple
So i quickly did a sketch n turned it into color. The little girl is not me, neither does the adult. However, they both were the ideal image I had in my mind one from my childhood, and another one is the ideal for now:D
Stay Tuned I will finishing it up in these two days!
have a very nice day people!

New and Old note cards design

This weekend was so great not only because of the cards was being done but also the sunshine!
Thanks for the sunshine in San Jose was so corporative  my photoshoot section could be done in less then half hour!
So here its come

This is a 2.5 x 3.5 inch mini Thank You Card that I made wood texture in the front and little simple shape tree in the back, so now you can have  some casual thank you note to the person that you wanna Thanks to!

This is a 3.5 x3.5 inch birdy notecard with round corner
It serves multiple purpose, you can use it as a note card or a nice print that hanging on the wall.
it is a cute blue bird that having a weird moment you can fill in your imagination to the blank for him 😀

This invitation called Lamp Invitation, What do you think it is all about 😀
3.5 x3.5 inch with round corner
This is an invitation card that tell your frd that you have an idea, and your frd is invited! How nice it would be.
Front: I have an lamp illustration and the title
Back: I have line drawing of lamps and place holders for you to put down Date, Time, and Location.
Have a nice party!

They will be available on Etsy this week ! YAY I know Etsy post date have been postponed…because of my busy work days 😦
But at least I have the photo shoot done and the product READY to sell:D STAY POSITIVE PEOPLE!


Have you ever struggle when your mom told you to put your favourite teddy bear inside a plastic bag while your family is moving?
I have that problem all the time because I think I think my favourite stuff animal is supposed to be inside my arm even when we are moving.
Side note for this post:
I think I will have my Etsy shop open before the july 16th
My next piece are probably some old painting that I did long time ago, sorry about that.
In the mean time, I will also have one piece that is dedicated to the end of World Cup because it was ended today 😥
I do hope that I can go to Brazil for the next world cup.
Okay, End of today post. PEOPLE (although I dont have that many people), but PEOPLE STAY TUNE!

Happy Whale

This Whale print was done in last year around that time, and I will ship it to the shop when everything is  ready!
This is a confusing whale that thinking about going deep sea all the time while he couldn’t because he was attached with all the balloons, ships, and weird things!
This might not make sense to any of us, but I hope that it will bring you a smile.
Hope that we all would remember the time that we did childish drawing that never making any senses 🙂


Hello world!

Hi world!
It is a grand opening for this blog!
I would like to post a new digital painting that I did after work
hope that you will like it
the idea was come from a birthday party of my friend’s kid. There were people playing the kites in the park!
All the sudden, I miss the good old-time that when I was young I walk and kite with friends. We all having some good time although sometime the kite falls.
This picture here is particularly  dedicated to our good old childhood memory. We miss it, and we treasure this moment of happiness.
I will also push this to my etsy  over this weekend after I test print it and take picture of it.

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