Project cushions

If you don’t already know :p my weather fabric came and I m in the process of making a lot if cushion 🙂
The fabric came in exactly like what I wanted!!!!!

Now I will go back for a bit and focus on how to rebranding the little red house! You all probably realize the blog design changed 🙂 WordPress is such a great tool:) I love this new premium theme! It saved me tons of time , so I can make more product.
For even more teaser !

This is my prototype ! I m sure this renegade/craft year would be awesome ! I can’t wait !!!!!!

Creepy Joker

Creepy Joker

Character of the day have something nice again 😛
Joker, I am so happy , not that I like joker, just finally something I can draw 😛
character practice was off for a long time! n I read some tutorial, I hope it shows …tutorial is always awesome to watch I wish I watch more and really getting better every day 😛



Yup These cuties are gonna be Pillow!
I finish the design finish the send off! the fabric will come soon I hope! so I can start this awesome project !!!!
I also did some draft for the pose of my character of the book 🙂 means tmr and wed will be coloring time! AWESOME!!!!!

Character expressions


trying to explore  a little more of her personality! 🙂 we are slowly making frd! 
as far as how much I am not comfortable with doing character, this is going with my comfortable pace, and I myself also kinda looking forward for her complete! 
she is actually pretty fun to work with! 

WIP for character :)

WIP for character :)

just trying different things for my new character !
a bit about the story, it will take the miyasaki influence 🙂 a bit like totoro but a lot simpler and about an imaginary frd 🙂

Another WIP :)

Another WIP :)

So this is another WIP for my story for moonride,
Hope you enjoy :)!
you can almost said that I am working on the color scripe of that story 😛
gonna do a lot more vis dev for that project including the House design for the little girl, Turn around for her, and that gigantic bunny monster turn around too!
I am super excited about this project, and believe it will pay off at the end !



I probably didnt update my blog for 2 whole weeks or actually 3 whole weeks. 
Reason or Excuses? Ya I went to 2 craft fairs back to back, and this weekend actually is my first free weekend in this month! 
where did I go to? I went to UNIQUE LA! AND IT WAS FANTASTIC and I love LA ‘s foods 🙂 ! I will definitely go back again! and I went to Maker Faire ! IT WAS ALWAYS FUN to meet all the bay area folks 😉
so there is Unique LA’s booth set up 🙂



And maker Faire 🙂

So along with my first free and recharged long weekend of coz I should update with at least a WIP piece 🙂

what I am doing on this piece is, I will make it part of my book 🙂
if you remember the illustration I have Moonride
 I am gonna make a small illustration book that pack with illustration, no words and it will talk about the journey about that little girl looking for that GIGANTIC BUNNY
Thats the plan for now, I am not sure if it will succeed or not 
Also I will keep doing my city series poster 🙂 for fun! 



what you see if the first poster for SF that doesnt have cable car, goldengate bridge, and hipster walking around! WHY? coz the Point of the viewer is actually coming from I assumed you are looking at SF on the golden gate bridge 😛

anyways I am so done with it !!!!!
if you really wanna see one mad thing about this whole thing which is the anchor point that I create by using illustrator to do this piece!
its pretty crazy, you can see it on my instagram XD

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