I probably didnt update my blog for 2 whole weeks or actually 3 whole weeks. 
Reason or Excuses? Ya I went to 2 craft fairs back to back, and this weekend actually is my first free weekend in this month! 
where did I go to? I went to UNIQUE LA! AND IT WAS FANTASTIC and I love LA ‘s foods 🙂 ! I will definitely go back again! and I went to Maker Faire ! IT WAS ALWAYS FUN to meet all the bay area folks 😉
so there is Unique LA’s booth set up 🙂



And maker Faire 🙂

So along with my first free and recharged long weekend of coz I should update with at least a WIP piece 🙂

what I am doing on this piece is, I will make it part of my book 🙂
if you remember the illustration I have Moonride
 I am gonna make a small illustration book that pack with illustration, no words and it will talk about the journey about that little girl looking for that GIGANTIC BUNNY
Thats the plan for now, I am not sure if it will succeed or not 
Also I will keep doing my city series poster 🙂 for fun! 

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