I will be busy before our first show in this year at SF Japantown New People for cherry blossom festival! 
of course now I have been cutting paper, and having Printing party at home it is pretty crazy! 
 other than printing party! I have been revising a lot of my older print for word of the day! 
Life is very busy, very tough! 

I really hope to see you all over this weekend if possible! 
I am getting very very nervous for this weekend~ I guess thats the time of the year 😛 
one more DIY project hat I would love love love to show! 


they are Masking tape cloth pin! 
nothing hard ! just buy the french wood cloth pin 🙂 and then put your masking tape on it ! then cut the extra pieces! 

Then WALA! you are done! 
I will totally use it for my own display at New People Cherry Blossom event! 
On that day! if you LIKE my facebook page

and then screenshot the page 🙂 you will automatically have 5 % off on all the prints that I have! You can do it either On site or screenshot in your phone to show me ! 

before I finish all my revised piece and having my signing party at home I will do another update 🙂 ! 

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