Crafty Granny

Picture 7I always wanna be a crafty person, however I am just not THAT crafty except I went to craft faire a lot!
I also always wanna learn how to do knitting, but always made an imperfect scarf or made something full of holes. Its pretty sad that I just cant knit!
on one day there is a conversation between me and my co worker talking about knitting, and I just told her ya I cant do any of these. we just laugh, and at this moment, I feel like Ya I cannot knit, but I CAN DRAW!
so I made a thumbnail in color pencil and drew this old lady that doing her knitting~~
except she is not chinese, all the stuff she wear, I think I have the same stuff at home and wanted to wear like this all the time!!!
I think 30 years later, I will look exact like this 🙂
and I will take a picture exactly the same, and I hope I will remember THAT!!!!!
tho when you look at this picture, I hope you remember how awesome our grandma is. Remember all the sweather, hat, scarf that they knit it for us.
Also remember to visit them over christmas and give them the warmest hug 🙂
thats all I actually really want to see it from all of you who look at this picture 🙂

Of course this cute picture will be in my etsy shop soon, Please stay tune too I will have A LOT OF UPDATES before Renegade craft faire~~~
before that maybe head to my shop <–click 🙂

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