ImageYea I have a new piece submitted toΒ Big Umbrella Studios
In the Moonride, the little rabbit and big rabbit all want something form the little girl πŸ™‚
she is sewing but you never know what is she sewing πŸ˜› maybe a little clothes for bunnies?
This Print is rather Japanese Anime style only because it is for the Japanese Pop Theme show πŸ™‚
What I also plan about with this little print here is, I might make a story out of this 1 print!
art is interesting sometime you do one piece and it inspire u to make a whole story line! I love what I do and I hope you all like my art too !!

This print is 11X17 and I think I will put it into my shop soon πŸ™‚
This year my plan is to make a lot more 11X17 prints
I hope you all will like it !

3 Comments on “Moonride

  1. I love your piece. It’s magical. I know Big Umbrella Studios. The one on Divisidero in San Francisco? My boyfriend co-founded it with two of his USF buddies. That place is awesome, but I haven’t gone in a while. I should go soon to see your stuff.

    • Thanks Valarie πŸ™‚
      Ya its at Divisidero!
      but the show is already ended 😦
      hope I will have another chance to put my stuff over there again! its a nice place!!

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