This old piece It calls Ballerina,
Her name is emily, she loves ballet, and she is good at it.
She is a proud lady that good at everything. Although she looks mean, deep down her heart she is a good hearted person.
if she has a little brother, she will take care of him with loves.
will go to the shop soon!

I know …I know I didnt update for a long while!

all I can do here is using my old painting 🙂 because work is very busy, and all I can do is concept sketches at home for a new idea.

the theme would be traveling around the world, using traditional medium 🙂
I am thinking about Paris, england, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hongkong, Beijing for now…so I need 6 more cities to make it complete!
This secret project completion date is unknown tho 😀
I would say ASAP!
Stay Tuned!

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