Has been a little while!

Life is always awesome on my side
non stop getting sick
having new adventure  for my always exciting career!
doing art non stop day and night
all I can say is “LIFE IS JUST GREAT!”

here is the little update on my newly design product.
Pattern postcard!
I love pattern.
Each of the postcard has their very own name
red poka dot = Minnie
Black lines = The Royal prince
Lace with ribbon = The chocolate

they are 4×6 inches each
each set will comes with 3 design
total : 3 cards
price: 5 bucks and 1 dollor shipping
each of them have their own unique color on the back that let you to write to your frds 😀
when is the last time you mail a postcard, writing a letter  and mail it to your frds?
I dont do that very often anymore, but I will try to use this postcard and write some words to them now!
sometime it is good to put your very own hand writing on a paper mail it to your frd .

extra thing is
I randomly put all my works into this postcard size image 😀
Thats all for today because I am still very sick, so no new art update!
sorry about that but I will get well soon and being a drawing monster again!

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